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Gravity Gray Face Mask
Gravity Gray Face Mask
Gravity Gray Face Mask

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Gravity Gray Face Mask

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No clever copy, too busy washing my hands

100% cotton
hand dyed with eucalyptus
filter pocket
flexible nose wire
elastic shock cord
* Please allow 3-5 days for dispatch. This time gives margin for fine tuning each garment, quality inspection and order preparation.


Are they virus-proof?

Fashion-forward but not medical-grade, so not to replace N95 used by healthcare workers but yes for quick trips to the grocery store for that cute survivalist lewk.
How do I wash them?
Wash masks regularly, with your normal detergent, in warm machine cycles and throw it in the dryer.
 Expect color to naturally fade over time.
What should I use as an air filter?
Dried baby wipes
Coffee filters
Blue shop towels
HEPA vacuum bags